Gaybuntu released


Freedom means infinite customisation and the Ubuntu community has been quick to cater to diversity with specialised distros for all manner of niche markets. So it was only a matter of time before Gaybuntu, or unofficial “GLBT Linux” came along. Produced by Gaylinux, yes Gaylinux does sound better, GLBT Ubuntu can be downloaded  from
“This is the first gay linux testing release based on the very stable release of Ubuntu Jaunty and Linux Mint. I hope you find the operating system pleasant to use as we strive as a community to make it a beautiful, simple linux experience.  Please tell me what you like or don’t like,  and I will take your consideration seriously.

For ease of use I removed compiz for it was interfering with some video overlay, and open office. I replaced open office with abiword and gnumeric. I also added frozen bubble and made some nice backgrounds for aislriot card game. There is an increase in performance as a result. I created a purple theme just for GBLT Linux and added some nice backgrounds,” says the maintainer Bret Colin
Good Luck Bret.

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  1. I know certain religious Ubuntu remixes include default applications for scripture study or content filtering.
    Can I ask what are some of the default packages that make Gaybuntu… Gaybuntu? I see a rainbow flag as the wallpaper. That’s a good start, I guess.

  2. All these extra ubuntu spin-offs (like Gaybuntu, Furbuntu, Christian Ubuntu) piss me off. If your distro doesn’t have any technical advantage, then there is no reason to create it in the first place. Though, these projects usually die off pretty quickly, since there are no long-term goals. A “gay” theme would have been a much better alternative. Not only would it work with the latest release of Ubuntu, thous being able to span several of Ubuntu’s release cycles, but it could be installed with other distros, as well.

  3. О это очень хорошо, мы русские геи рады. Жалко, что мало программ для геев. Этот линукс хорошее начало!

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