World Cup FIFA fixtures on Ubuntu desktop

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Feeling torn between love of Football and love of Ubuntu? Now you can have both.

chmod +x "South Africa 2010 1.1 EN/South Africa 2010 1.1"
"South Africa 2010 1.1 EN/South Africa 2010 1.1"

You will get all the scores, fixtures and information on FIFA events.
If you want a World Cup ticker install Adobe Air and Snackr, then choose manual rss feed and add your favourite World Cup feed. I tested Sky News feed but needed something a little more tailored to the actual event logistics in South Africa as opposed to the “skinner” and gossip. You can add weather feeds or Fifa News, but if you’re looking for a ticker specific feed, tailored to¬† short attention span, like you see on television, then you out of luck, I guess.

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