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Kernel 2.6.35 officially available for Ubuntu 10.04

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On August 1, 2010 Linus officially released the 2.6.35 kernel.
This kernel is now available in the git repository of Ubuntu 10.04 and you are able to compile your own 2.6.35 kernel for Ubuntu 10.04.
This kernel is backported from the Maverick kernel repository. Kernel Newbies has a nice overview of the new features in the 2.6.35 kernel.
Their summary: Linux 2.6.35 includes support for transparent spreading of incoming network load across CPUs, Direct-IO support for Btrfs, an new experimental journal mode for XFS, the KDB debugger UI based on top of KGDB, improvements to ‘perf’, H.264 and VC1 video acceleration in Intel G45+ chips, support for the future Intel Cougarpoint graphic chip, power management for AMD Radeon chips, a memory defragmentation mechanism, support for the Tunneling Protocol version 3 (RFC 3931), support for multiple multicast route tables, support for the CAIF protocol used by ST-Ericsson products, support for the ACPI Platform Error Interface, and many new drivers and small improvements.
If you’re interested in more details read this article
The Ubuntu kernel developers tagged the 2.6.35 kernel as Ubuntu-lts-2.6.35-14.19 in their repository.
For a step by step article to to compiling the 2.6.35 kernel follow this how to compile article.
THANKS Ubuntika for the link

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Jubuntu = Ubuntu for "Jewish People"


logo_192I find the niche marketing of Ubuntu quite ridiculous sometimes. Of course, given the infinitely variable environment of Linux and the freedom of Ubuntu, there’s always bound to be somebody who asks the question: “What if Ubuntu was more like …..”
Since there was an Ubuntu CE and an Ubuntu ME, why not an Ubuntu Zion? See the problem? So instead of the logical offering, we get a joke – Jubuntu.
Who is going to use anything so idiotically sounding? Maybe the same people who are touting Bubuntu (the black ubuntu) as if Ubuntu wasn’t black to begin with? Okay, okay, I get the joke. I am a Jew after all. No need to Kibbitz about everything.

According to Launchpad, Jubuntu provides “Jewish people (and anyone else) with a light-hearted, welcoming version of Ubuntu with a focus on Jewish culture.”

“Emphasis for Jubuntu is placed on cultural aspects of judaism (eating, family, guilt) rather than focusing religious or linguistic aspects of judaism. For example, themes revolving around bagels or “call your mother” reminders, rather than Torah scrolls and Talmudic references.”
UPDATE: Stumbled across two “official” looking websites. The first one is hilarious and says its just a joke. Second one, actually provides a download and has a much better looking logo.
I guess this means there really is a Jewish Deli Edition? An should we hold our thumbs and wait for Kabbalahabuntu with Zohar Code?

Gaybuntu released


Freedom means infinite customisation and the Ubuntu community has been quick to cater to diversity with specialised distros for all manner of niche markets. So it was only a matter of time before Gaybuntu, or unofficial “GLBT Linux” came along. Produced by Gaylinux, yes Gaylinux does sound better, GLBT Ubuntu can be downloaded  from
“This is the first gay linux testing release based on the very stable release of Ubuntu Jaunty and Linux Mint. I hope you find the operating system pleasant to use as we strive as a community to make it a beautiful, simple linux experience.  Please tell me what you like or don’t like,  and I will take your consideration seriously.

For ease of use I removed compiz for it was interfering with some video overlay, and open office. I replaced open office with abiword and gnumeric. I also added frozen bubble and made some nice backgrounds for aislriot card game. There is an increase in performance as a result. I created a purple theme just for GBLT Linux and added some nice backgrounds,” says the maintainer Bret Colin
Good Luck Bret.

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