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Upgrade Alsa

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If you have sound issues then upgrading Alsa could be the solution.
Here is a great script for doing this
Follow the instructions
Short Alsa-Upgrade script install instructions:
1. download the script and save it somewhere
2. cd <your-download-dir>
3. tar xvf AlsaUpgrade-1.0.23-2.tar
4. sudo ./AlsaUpgrade-1.0.23-2.sh -d
5. sudo ./AlsaUpgrade-1.0.23-2.sh -c
6. sudo ./AlsaUpgrade-1.0.23-2.sh -i
7. sudo shutdown -r 0
Check the original posting on Ubuntuforums for more information and support.
If you like to do things the long way round, then check Stéphane Gaudreault’s blog, which appears to be exclusively focused on Alsa upgrades.
His latest post is upgrade-alsa-1-0-23-on-ubuntu-lucid-lynx-10-04
NOTE: After the upgrade and in order to get ALSA working properly I had to open a terminal and type alsamixer. The only levels showing were volume and input. Something was also wrong with the sound which was jerky. Pressing  F6 allowed me to select my sound card which wasn’t selected!!!  After selecting the card,  ALSA is better than it was before.  Hope this helps.

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