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Cool Ubuntu application

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Shutter is a cool feature-filled screenshot tool that demonstrates what is going right in the Ubuntu world (and what is going wrong). While one cannot fault shutter and its simple and effective functionality, the application was basically a gtk front-end for scrot, until poor scrot got dropped altogether in favour of a new back-end.

sudo apt-get install shutter

I can hear the stifled laughter as reviewers remark on the long linguistic journey from the locker-room to the desktop only to be dumped in favour of advanced features that include plugins.  Yes,  Shutter (formerly gscrot) is a new-wave of power-linux application building on the incremental progress being made in the wider developer community, hey, it even got things right in the Ubuntu menu department by correctly filing itself under accessories (much to our delight) but here’s the thing. Shutter deserves not just accolades, and its new name, but could also do with a personality.
Is there anyway out of this development conundrum that isn’t simply finding better names and features for applications? Mozilla Labs personas for example add customisation to the satisfactory and comfortable interface we know as Firefox. Surely the same can be done for so many applications in Ubuntu that suffer from weird names and a general lack of personality?

Firefox with Groovy Blue persona. Screenshot taken using shutter.
Firefox with Groovy Blue persona. Screenshot taken using shutter.

Ubuntu is about sharing and community. It is also about freedom, individuality and choices.

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