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A-Team star shuns Google

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Sharlto Copley stopped Googling himself when he won the role of Murdock in ‘The A-Team’.
The South African actor – who rose to fame in critically acclaimed sci-fi movie ‘District 9’ – admits he had to stop looking himself up when he signed up to the film because he didn’t want to read criticism of himself.
He said: “It’s probably when I stopped Googling myself. I didn’t want to know. I pushed the character more the way he was in the original than perhaps the studio would have gone for. But of course Dwight Schultz, the original Murdock, got fired at the end of the pilot because they felt that he was just too much but then when the audience test results came back they rehired him.
“In many ways he was ahead of his time.”
The 36-year-old star also revealed he was into the original series of ‘The A-Team’ in the 1980s and collected merchandise from the show.
He told ShortList: “I had all the merchandise, the dossier with the trading cards, the action figures, everything.”
We hope Copley chooses an Open Source alternative to Google, like Duck Duck Go.
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Duck Google, here comes an Open Source Search engine

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Clean searches

If you’re a little concerned about the Google monolith, especially the way the company has infiltrated every facet of our lives with often meaningless searches, and raw data which grows increasingly less useful as the famous page algorithm becomes ever less relevant in a semantic and heuristically challenged world, then you will pleased to find Duck Duck Go, a  search engine showing some promise. Yes, unlike the closed behemoth of Google, it is based on open source, not simply page popularity.

Among the  strengths touted by the developers of DuckDuckgo are
  • No tracking- guaranteed  privacy.
  • Relevant results- they claim to eliminate over 60m useless sites for some searches.
  • The DuckDuckbot, the name of their crawler, identifies sites automatically without you needing to add your site to their index like Google.
  • Encrypted search using “https”
  • In addition to their DuckDuckbot, they also get their results from “many sources including crowd-sourced sites,  BOSS & Bing.

Some neat stuff you can do with DuckDuckGo
!amazon bags searches Amazon.com for bags, directly. We call this search syntax “!bang”, and it works for 100s of sites:

  • Most big sites work, e.g. !youtube
  • Most generic keywords work too, e.g. !images
  • There are also shorter versions, e.g. !g !i !yt
  • Just ‘! ‘ will take you to the first result.
  • more about this here

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