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Three essential gnome-panel applets.

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I’m always on the look-out for great gnome-panel applets, so much so that my top gnome-panel is getting a bit crowded. I could do with a drop down  panel that provides what is essentially a toolbox of live applets. But since this isn’t available, I am reporting on three essential applets which have taken residence and to which I have given the last remainng real estate. So it really is time for a better solution to the entire top gnome-panel story.
Time Tracker from Project Hamster is an activity tracker which allows you to create activities which are then tracked. The tracker then creates  an Overview and Statistics which may assist you in monitoring which activities are taking up your time. It’s a nice compliment to Gnome Activity Journal.
Disk Mounter 2.28.0 is the essential applet for unmounting your flash drives safely. It also keeps tabs on other media which may be plugged in like a second hard-drive.

Music Applet provides functionality

Music Applet, is an applet for Gnome panel that allows you to  control some audio players such as: amarok, banshee, vlc, XMMS2, Rhythmbox, Exaile and others.
$ sudo aptitude install music-applet
Or download it as. Deb package from GetDeb.
Once installed it from add to panel (right click empty area of the panel)> Add to Panel …> Music Widget
It  Appears in the control panel and clicking on the right, and choosing the option “Add” and you can select the preferred player you want  to control.

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