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LGP gaming demos

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At least demos keep us in the loop. And hopefully the games will eventually be released as Open Source.

Welcome to the Linux Game Publishing demos website.
Here you will find the latest demos for each game published by LGP. You can download any of the demos and try them out for free!

Ballistics 2 Files
Candy Cruncher 1 File
Cold War 2 Files
Creatures Internet Edition 2 Files
Gorky 17 2 Files
Hyperspace Delivery Boy 1 File
Jets’n’Guns 2 Files
Knights and Merchants 2 Files
Majesty Gold 2 Files
Mindrover 2 Files
NingPo MahJong 1 File
Postal 2: Share the Pain 2 Files
Shadowgrounds 2 Files
Shadowgrounds Survivor 2 Files
Software Tycoon 0 Files
Soul Ride 1 File
X2: The Threat 2 Files


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Kernel 2.6.35 officially available for Ubuntu 10.04

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On August 1, 2010 Linus officially released the 2.6.35 kernel.
This kernel is now available in the git repository of Ubuntu 10.04 and you are able to compile your own 2.6.35 kernel for Ubuntu 10.04.
This kernel is backported from the Maverick kernel repository. Kernel Newbies has a nice overview of the new features in the 2.6.35 kernel.
Their summary: Linux 2.6.35 includes support for transparent spreading of incoming network load across CPUs, Direct-IO support for Btrfs, an new experimental journal mode for XFS, the KDB debugger UI based on top of KGDB, improvements to ‘perf’, H.264 and VC1 video acceleration in Intel G45+ chips, support for the future Intel Cougarpoint graphic chip, power management for AMD Radeon chips, a memory defragmentation mechanism, support for the Tunneling Protocol version 3 (RFC 3931), support for multiple multicast route tables, support for the CAIF protocol used by ST-Ericsson products, support for the ACPI Platform Error Interface, and many new drivers and small improvements.
If you’re interested in more details read this article
The Ubuntu kernel developers tagged the 2.6.35 kernel as Ubuntu-lts-2.6.35-14.19 in their repository.
For a step by step article to to compiling the 2.6.35 kernel follow this how to compile article.
THANKS Ubuntika for the link

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Open source 8 bit computer, solution for Africa?

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This could be the start of something big. A  “humane” computer solution for Africa —  an extendable, hackable 8-bit general computing platform, designed for both hobbyists and developing nations, that can be displayed on televisions. The Humane Reader can be used as an ebook reader and comes with a 2GB SD card where you can put about 5000 ebooks or, roughly, the entire contents of Wikipedia. While I don’t think lack of monitors is the problem down here, all we need is a cheap output to some form of LCD screen. The picture shows the device plugged into some kind of portable DVD player. But we get the picture. Since its all open source computing the schematics are readily available. Perhaps our local LUG will oblige by building a few?
From an article in Linux Journal

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The cool cd terminal hack

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Method One: Navigate up the directory using “..n”
In the example below, ..4 is used to go up 4 directory level, ..3 to go up 3 directory level, ..2 to go up 2 directory level.
Add the following alias to your ~/.bashrc and re-login.
alias ..=”cd ..”
alias ..2=”cd ../..”
alias ..3=”cd ../../..”
alias ..4=”cd ../../../..”
alias ..5=”cd ../../../../..”
Method Two: Navigate up the directory using only dots
In the example below, ….. (five dots) is used to go up 4 directory level. Typing 5 dots to go up 4 directory structure is really easy to remember, as when you type the first two dots, you are thinking “going up one directory”, after that every additional dot, is to go one level up. So, use …. (four dots) to go up 3 directory level and .. (two dots) to go up 1 directory level.
Add the following alias to your ~/.bashrc and re-login for the ….. (five dots) to work properly.
alias ..=”cd ..”
alias …=”cd ../..”
alias ….=”cd ../../..”
alias …..=”cd ../../../..”
alias ……=”cd ../../../../..”
THANKS: Linux Tips & The Geek Stuff
(For two other methods, check out The Geek Stuff, and while you at it, read the best posting yet on RTFM)

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31 Ubuntu HOWTOS from SayLinux

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