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Install the stable 2.6.34 Lucid kernel

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One of the great things about Linux are the new kernels.
Although the stable 2.6.34 is available for Lucid, it is unlikely to make its way into the official repos any time soon.
If you’re experiencing issues with your current kernel, or just want a change, then stable 2.6.34 may be for you.
You will need to install 3 packages.
For 32 bit:
for 64 bit:
please install in order listed.
Then runĀ  from a terminal afterwards:
sudo update-grub reboot.
to confirm you are running the new kernel type in a terminal:
uname -a
THANKS: nhasian
Some advice from Sgosnell
Features seldom get dropped from later kernels. It’s perfectly safe to install newer kernels, because you can always boot from any kernel still installed. You can install the .34 kernel, and if you have problems just boot from the default kernel. You can easily remove kernels via Synaptic, as long as you aren’t booted to the kernel you intend to remove. I would advise installing the .34 kernel and trying it out. I like it a lot. If it doesn’t do what you want you can always remove it, and you can also install the .35 kernel over it when it is released. That will just result in the ability to boot to the .35 kernel in addition to the .34 kernel and whatever you already have installed. I tend to remove older kernels after I insure that the newer kernel works ok, just to save space and remove clutter, but I usually keep the default kernel for the OS version I have installed, although I seldom boot to it. It’s just a final safety fallback.
NOTE: If downloading and installing precompiled kernels is not your cup of tea, then try KernelCheck, which will install and build the latest kernel for your distribution from source.
ADDENDUM: I noticed the debs above were compiled with an earlier version of GCC than the one which I am running (gcc (Ubuntu 4.4.3-4ubuntu5) 4.4.3), which resulted in a kernel check message from the nVIDIA installer. I therefore highly recommend using KernelCheck if you want to maintain concurrency with your compiler. If you run into a kernel panic check this posting of mine.

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Ping! and Lucid is a Pseudo-Macintosh

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Turning your Ubuntu system into a pseudo-Macintosh is a pre-occupation for most noobs. I still don’t see the point of creating cosmetic changes which do absolutely nothing for the performance or identity of the Ubuntu system as a whole. Then again, you may want to remove any doubt that Ubuntu is up there with the Worlds’ number 1 and leading contender for best OS. When you’ve done transforming and tire of the novelty, bring your system back and try out any one of the 100 billion other variations which are available on Ubuntu.
Turn Lucid into a Macintosh latest.

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