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Why bots are big and how to setup a simple IRC-based supybot (part 2)


In part 1 we showed you how to set-upĀ  a simple IRC-based supybot. Don’t forget supybot lives in an IRC channel, so you’ll need to boot up an IRC client to talk to him. You will also notice that Supybot is not all that bright off the bat. Depending on which plugins you activated upon installation, you’ll probably have a few basic commands and some routines, like being able to google for information in your channel. Sounds a bit like any modified shell doesn’t it?
Supybot doesn’t have much of a personality, so we’ll need to download some extra plugins to make him a bit more intelligent than a vacuum cleaner.
A personality plugin is available from Animus. (It is very basic, but a step in the right direction) [be warned, Personality is still a bit buggy, see my comment below]
Download the personality folder to your /botdir/plugins/ folder.
You will need to load the plugin manually.
First make sure you are the owner by identifying to the bot in a private channel;
1. Open a private conversation
/query <bot-name>
/msg <bot-name>
2. Identify with the bot
identify <owner-name> <password>
Supybot will either respond or decline your command.
3. Now enter the following command to show the plugins path
In my case: /home/freebot/botdir/plugins
4. Load your plugin
@load <name of plugin>
In my case @load Personality
If you’re wondering where the plugin file is, its a folder, usually containing plugin.py and some other files. Leave the files alone, or configure them to your satisfaction.

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Why bots are big and how to setup a simple IRC-based supybot ( part 1)

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As more Ubuntu users get stable broadband connections, running a bot to do simple menial tasks such as responding to queries, fetching information and carrying out maintenance will become increasingly common. There are quite a few off-the-shelf bots available. Most of them have been trained to perform IRC tasks, but there is no reason why they cannot live in the shell or terminal and interface with whatever command-line programmes you might have installed. Obviously doing so raises all sorts of questions, which is why you will want to treat your bot as a user on your system without root privileges.
Here is how to install the R2D2 of bots, Supybot:
1. Add new user
addusr <name of your bot>
2. Switch to new user
sudo -u <user> -i
3. Install supybot
apt-get install supybot
4. Create botdir and run supybot-wizard
The above command provides nice non-gui interactive wizard which helps you for basic configuration.
5. Start the bot
run following command your new user (non-root).
#supybot /path/to_file/<supybot.conf>
<supybot.conf> can be named after you bot or user, so check first.
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